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Megan Gimnig is a mover, creator, and acrobat. She loves to spin, swing and flip through the air both onstage and off. She is currently based in Vermont, where she trains and coaches at New England Center for Circus Arts. She enjoys collaborating with other artists and showing her work on stage whenever she has the chance.

After dabbling in gymnastics and dance as a small child, Megan tried various sports including, swimming, soccer and taekwondo. When she wasn’t standing on her head she spent much of her free time on her backyard swingset. When her parents brought home a dvd of Cirque Du Soliel’s Kooza, the swinging trapeze act caught her eye. Megan took her first circus class at age 10 and was immediately hooked. In addition to trapeze, she also enjoyed lyra, rope, fabric and duo aerials. 


 She graduated highschool at 17 and moved to Vermont to partake in NECCA’s protrack program, where she eventually settled on a dance trapeze major and swinging trapeze minor, coached by Aimee Hancock and Elsie Smith. She thrived being able to spend each day surrounded by other artists and acrobats with the same passion for circus that she has. While at NECCA she also became proficient in other disciplines such as partner acrobatics, tumbling, trampoline, dance, and juggling. 


Megan has performed around the US at birthday parties, festivals, fairs and other events. When not on a trapeze, Megan can be found hiking, dancing or sewing her next costume.

Fun Facts About Me

  • I was born in Atlanta, Georgia

  • I once made  a birthday cake for a goat.

  • I was on my childhood Swingset so often it was featured on an Atlanta Radio Station.

  • I once cut off and donated two feet of hair.

  • My favorite color is bright red.

  • I learned to round up cattle in Uruguay when I was 13.

  • I love plants but can't keep them alive.

“May your dreams defy the laws of gravity.” - H. Jackson Brown Jr.
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